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Attachment: 60 Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment Interventions Across the Lifespan

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In a society that celebrates independence, self-preservation, and individualistic thinking, we often overlook a vital component of fulfillment: the power of Connection through Attachment.

Attachment is the profound way in which we establish meaningful connections with one another. The absence of healthy attachment can leave individuals feeling isolated in the face of life's challenges, leading to distress, dysfunction, and the development of mental health issues. Recognizing one's attachment style, understanding unhealthy relationship patterns, and acknowledging their consequences are crucial initial steps in the journey towards healing dysfunctional attachments.

You can enhance your clients' relationships by equipping them with strategies to foster a deeper sense of connection, rebuild trust, and rekindle positive emotions. Dr. Christina Reese, a renowned expert in attachment and trauma, has meticulously crafted a comprehensive guide that explores attachment throughout the lifespan. Her trauma-informed approaches offer hope and healing for attachments at any age.

Inside this guide, you will find:

  • Real-life clinical examples
  • Thoughtful handouts and engaging worksheets suitable for clients of all ages
  • Insights to help identify different attachment styles
  • A keen understanding of the key symptoms of attachment challenges and their origins
  • Interventions designed to heal attachment traumas, alleviating stress, shame, and anxiety
  • Practical techniques to empower clients in improving relationships with children, parents, friends, and significant others

Unlock the potential for stronger, healthier connections and emotional well-being through the profound insights and therapeutic methods shared within these pages.

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