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Inner Workout: Strengthening Self-Care Practices for Healing Body, Soul, and Mind

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"Inner Workout provides a refreshing and accessible approach to transforming our perspectives on self-care—an essential aspect of our well-being. This is a must-read!" —Alexandra Elle, author of After the Rain and How We Heal

Taking care of ourselves is paramount, yet understanding our needs requires both guidance and intention. Inner Workout redefines the essence of self-care and delves into areas where support may be needed. Covering topics such as body positivity, burnout, brain fog, self-confidence, and more, this guide offers a diverse range of practices, prompts, and actionable advice to fortify your connection to every facet of yourself.

Consider this a personalized self-care journey: Begin with the Take Care Assessment to identify your current needs. Navigate to sections that resonate with you or explore each chapter to uncover the benefits each dimension of care can provide. The aim is not to change who you are but to enhance the wisdom already inherent within you. Whether you are new to self-care or seeking to deepen your self-connection, this book accompanies you at every step of your wellness journey.

ACTIONABLE SELF-CARE FOR EVERYONE: As self-care continues to be a prevalent and impactful topic, Inner Workout likens mental health care to a workout—a daily practice in various forms to address our holistic well-being. The book presents numerous prompts, inspiration, and ideas to keep your self-care routine dynamic and relevant at every life stage.

THE SOLUTION TO BURNOUT, BRAIN FOG, AND MORE: Each section of Inner Workout addresses a crucial aspect of self-care, offering solutions to common wellness concerns:

  • Physical (Feel at Home in Your Body)
  • Energetic (Work with Your Energetic Cycles)
  • Mental and Emotional (Cut Through Your Brain Fog)
  • Wisdom (Tap into the Wisdom within You)
  • Bliss (Experience Care Through Connection)

FROM A SELF-CARE EXPERT: Taylor Elyse Morrison, the founder of the Inner Workout self-care brand, grounds her work in the belief that sustainable self-care stems from building an intuitive connection with oneself. Drawing from her experience leading seminars, trainings, and guided meditations, Morrison offers accessible ways to tap into your self-awareness, fully captured in this practical guide.

Perfect for:

  • Those seeking to establish simple self-care routines
  • Health and wellness enthusiasts exploring new approaches
  • Individuals interested in chakra healing, yoga, body positivity, and holistic wellness
  • Corporate or group resource for combating burnout and promoting well-being
  • A thoughtful gift for students, recent grads, parents, coworkers, or friends prioritizing self-care
  • Followers of Dive In Well, Black Girl in Om, Well + Good, and MindBodyGreen

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