Unlocking the Emotional Brain 1st Edition

Unlocking the Emotional Brain 1st Edition

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Psychotherapy, once a futuristic notion for achieving transformative and enduring change, has now materialized into reality, thanks to the convergence of remarkable advancements in clinical knowledge and brain science. In their groundbreaking work, "Unlocking the Emotional Brain," authors Ecker, Ticic, and Hulley empower readers to engage in targeted, empathic therapy. They unveil a process, substantiated by researchers, that induces memory reconsolidation—the recently discovered and singular method for genuinely unlocking emotional memory at the synaptic level.

The persistence of emotional memory has long been a challenge for therapists, with the prevailing belief that it forms indelible learning. However, reconsolidation has revolutionized these perspectives. It enables new learning to not only suppress but actively erase deep-seated, unconscious, and intensely problematic emotional learnings that originate from childhood or later life challenges, giving rise to the symptoms that prompt individuals to seek therapy.

Readers will gain insights into methods that precisely eliminate undesirable, ingrained emotional responses—whether manifested as moods, behaviors, or thought patterns—without compromising regular narrative memory, ultimately facilitating the restoration of clients' well-being. The book illustrates the versatile application of this process through numerous case examples within therapeutic approaches such as AEDP, Coherence Therapy, EFT, EMDR, and IPNB.

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